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Duong Global is the world’s best business consulting firm that provides companies with quality business development expertise and legal services for local and international needs. Headquartered in Orange, California with offices in Vietnam and Thailand, Duong Global is the leader of the top consulting firms specializing in U.S. – ASEAN multi-lateral trade relations, with strong emphasis on Vietnam and Thailand.

Our legal and business teams help your company reach its business goals finding the best business strategy and, offers a broad set of services to conquer new markets. Duong Global provides advise, consulting, and strategies on international and U.S. business laws, tax laws, immigration laws, real estate services, business consulting, marketing and communication, human resources, product distribution, franchising opportunities, and money transfer services. Click our services to find out how we can help your company grow and expand!

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7 Reasons To Obtain Vietnamese Citizenship

For Viet Kieus, or Vietnamese overseas, there are many benefits of getting a Vietnamese passport and citizenship when doing business and/or living in Vietnam. Here are our seven reasons why it’s beneficial to do so: Locally-owned versus foreign-owned Opening a locally-owned

Best Way to Get a US Bachelor’s Degree for Vietnamese Students from the Countryside

The countryside in Vietnam presents many economic and financial challenges for the talented, driven, and motivated students to study in the United States (or any other foreign country) due to affordability. Although in 2016, 21,403 students from Vietnam studied in

Free English Education in Saigon

Immigrated to the United States at the age of 3, International lawyer Ken Duong (36 years old) missed his hometown and wanted to do something to help the young generation. The educational concept of “Free English Weekly Education in Saigon”

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