About Duong Global Business Consulting.

Duong Global is an international acknowledged worldwide business consulting firm that provides business and legal services specializing in U.S. – ASEAN multi-lateral trade relations. Our aim is to enhance corporate competency and performance through result-based solutions, effectively combining processes, people and systems, designed to match clients individual requirements. Our unique set of business and legal services include International & U.S. Business Law, Immigration Law, Real Estate, Franchising, Marketing, Business Coaching, Human Resources, Intellectual Property, and Entertainment.

Duong Global realizes the need to be better at changing quickly, better at growing and developing from within, and better at creating strong customer-business relationships. We have built and sustained a leadership position in the U.S. – ASEAN multi-lateral trade market, through expertise, fast responses, continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. This is achieved through the introduction of passion, enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation, loyalty and building corporate culture and values to comply with our strategies. Duong Global believes in client Focus and Loyalty through providing quality solutions coupled with commitment in a teamwork environment.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality professional services in the most efficient manner to manage costs, time, and resources for our valued clients.

Our Vision

To Use our efficiency and expertise to deliver the best business services in the world.

Cultural Statement

Our company culture revolves around efficiency, as we value every employee, service provider, and stakeholders’ time, talent, and resources.


Duong Global Quality Policy

”Quality excellence is the foundation of the management of our business and the keystone of our aim for customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is Duong Global Business Consulting policy to consistently provide services that meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations. Duong Global strives to actively pursue the improvement of quality services through programs that enable each of its personnel to perform tasks right; first time and every time.”

Duong Global Key Members

Duong Global Business Consulting is a team of renown business and legal experts who have collectively worked across numerous consulting projects in a wide range of industries and have an in-depth understanding of the types of skills, experience and professional qualifications that companies require to be successful.

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